1908 UP founded. 
1909 UP College of Agriculture (UPCA) established.
1910 Agricultural Engineering Building built at site presently occupied by SEARCA.
1912 Creation of the Department of Agricultural Engineering.
1920 BOR approves offering of BS Sugar Technology (5 year course).
1928 Agricultural Engineering offered jointly by UP at Diliman and UPCA.
1930's Ethanol blended gasoline successfully studied and tested at UPCA.
1965 Agricultural Engineering offered entirely at UPCA.
1972 Reorganization of UP into UP System. Autonomy granted to the UPCA to become the University of  the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB).
1976 Elevation of the Department of Agricultural Engineering to the Institute of Agricultural Engineering  and Technology (INSAET).
1977 Creation of the Agricultural Machinery Testing and Evaluation Center (AMTEC).
1979 Institution of the Agricultural Mechanization Development Program (AMDP).

INSAET evolved into the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT).

Sugar Technology program transferred to CEAT.
Creation of the Engineering Sciences and Chemical Engineering Departments.
1985 BOR Approves offering of BS Chemical Engineering Curriculum.
1989 BS ChE major in Sugar Technology offered in place of BS Sugar Technology which was abolished.
1992 Offering of BS Civil Engineering and creation of Civil Engineering Department.
1996 Offering of BS Electrical Engineering and creation ofElectrical Engineering Department.
1997 Reconstituting the Institute of Agricultural Engineering from divisions which were then departments of CEAT.
1999 Offering of BS Industrial Engineering and creation of Industrial Engineering Department.
2012 CEAT celebrates its centennial year.