The College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) is a premier institution of higher learning in engineering education; a center of excellence in engineering instruction, research, and extension; a leader in the generation and promotion of applied technologies; and a partner of the government, industries, and international agencies for agro-industrial development.
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Congratulations CEAT Class of 2022!

The College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology held its first face-to-face Testimonial program on 4 August 2022 at Edwin B. Copeland Gymnasium and was attended by one hundred eighty one (181) graduates.

DEE conducts Send-off Program for Class of 2022

The send off party for the DEE graduates includes reminiscing about their time in UPLB and reflection on their learnings and experiences for the past years through their time capsules.

200b (Innovationeering Track) Bridging Program Midyear 2022

Thinking of enrolling to the 200b Track? Register now!

UPLB DIE holds Testimonial and Recognition Program 2022

The UPLB Department of Industrial Engineering held its Virtual Testimonial and Recognition Program for the graduating class of 2022 at 3:00 PM on 3 Aug. 2022.

CEAT Study Now Pay Later Program

Calling all interested CEAT students with sophomore standing.

CEAT Adopt-a-Student Program

Calling all interested CEAT graduating students.


STUDENTS (AS OF 2ND SEM 2021-2022)