The Institute of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (IABE) honored their graduates during the 2021 IABE Testimonials on Aug. 5, 2021 via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Dr. Remegio B. Confesor, Jr. (BSAE ‘89 and MSAE ’97, is the guest speaker for this year’s testimonial program. He is serving as a Research Scientist in the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research.

During his speech, Dr. Confesor encouraged the graduates to “identify and decide on their life goals”. He also reminded them about the things that mattered like career, health, relationships, and a holistic life. He emphasized the importance of networks and connections in reaching their goals and dreams.

Meanwhile, this year’s top ABE graduating student, Ms. Anne Gille P. Balmadrid, delivered a response speech as representative of the graduating class.

She emphasized how every graduate has changed throughout their stay in UPLB and how the Institute helped them build their knowledge, confidence, and communication skills. Balmadrid also reminded her fellow graduates that “the true noble purpose of one’s character development is not to further pursue personal agenda; but to empower other people, especially, the underserved and the underprivileged”.

The program ended with the singing of “UP Naming Mahal”.

The event was attended by IABE faculty, staff, graduates and their families. (Romel A. Arrobang)