All nominations must be submitted hard copy and soft copy to UPLBAA or respective college associations not later than July 29, 2022.

Download nomination form here.

The Outstanding UPLB Alumnus/Alumna Award (TOUAA)
The recognition is given to deserving alumniofthe University of the Philippines Los Baños(UPLB) who transcended their
disciplinaryfields of expertise and whose significant contributions have made impacts on:
1. Rural development and social enterprise
2. Environmental protection and NRM
3. Agriculture and biotechnology
4. Enterprise development and corporate governance
5. Technology development
6. Education, research, and training
7. Public engagement and risk communication
8. Veterinary medicine and agro-bioservices
9. Engineering.

In addition, the nominee must have attained national, and possibly international, prestige that has brought honor and
distinction to the University andthe country. To be given extra consideration is if the nominee has earned awards and recognition that are contributory to the image and prideof UPLB.

UPLBAA Multi-Generation UPLBFamily Recognition Award
UPLBAA gives special recognition to families who have produced, three or more successive generations of UPLB alumni,
i.e., grandparent(s), parent(s), child(ren), and/or grandchild (ren).

The UPLBAA President, Awards Committee,and the Golden Jubilarians may also give recognition to outstanding individuals or groups.
 UPLBAA Presidential Award
 UPLBAA Outstanding GoldenJubilarian

The Nelia T. Gonzalez Alumni Service Award
Awarded to one or at most two deserving alumni of the UPLB for exemplary achievements, and also those who have
rendered exceptional service in the pursuit of the goals of the University, the Association, and the alumni in general.

The award is named after UP Regent Nelia Teodoro-Gonzalez whose services to herAlma Mater, to the alumni of the UP System, particularly to UPLB, and to the Filipino people, in general, exemplify the ideals of the UPLB Alumni Association and its members.

Given the character of this award, alumni who have retired from service in the publicor private sector (but may yet be otherwiseactive), may merit higher rating points for the Award.

College Distinguished Alumni Awards
The College Distinguished Alumni Awards are conferred on alumni who have demonstrated, in their chosen field of
endeavor, exceptional achievements, and outstanding contributions that bring aboutsubstantial benefits to society and
distinct honor to the College and the University. Award is given by respective College Alumni Association.

Recognition is given to achievements and contributions that impact the community inwhich the alumnus/alumna is or
has been active, whether this is at the local, national,or international level. Nominations for this award may be forwarded directly to the respective College Associations.

Evaluation of nominees for the alumni awards will be based on the following general criteria aligned with the UPAA
Distinguished Alumni Awards.

1. SERVICE ORIENTATION – the nominee’s work has clearly benefited other people, groups and society atlarge, and not
merelyprivate or personal interests.

2. LEADERSHIP – the nominee has demonstrated effective and inspiring personal leadership in accomplishing the work for which s/he is being awarded; i.e.,achievements can be attributed more to the person than to the official position/job/ title s/he has held.

3. IMPACT – the nominee’s work has had asubstantial impact on the people, geographic area, or sector covered by the
award, both qualitatively (how deep,lasting or transformative) andquantitatively (how many people or groups benefited
within the area orsector).

4. INTEGRITY – there is no serious concernabout, or challenge to, the nominee’s personal integrity.
Awardees must achieved distinction inmultiple professional fields or areas ofendeavor, or made a clearly greater qualitative or quantitative impact than other awardees in her/ his profession or areas of endeavor.
Awards need not be given in all thecategories listed above if there are no deserving nominees. Other fields or areas of award may be considered as defined by the achievementsof a deserving nominee.

The UPLBAA Outstanding and Distinguished Alumni Awards are meant to be a cut above those given to alumni who have achieved successful professional careers. To deserve the award, all nominees, over and above the highly successful careers they may have attained, must still meet the criteria of service orientation, leadership, impact and integrity described above.

The UPLBAA is making a special effort this time to identify for nomination, unsung alumni achievers—those whose achievements in little-known corners of the country are exceptional but have remained unheralded and unrecognized.

Any member of UPLBAA may nominate as many qualified alumni as possible using the attached nomination forms. Endorsement by the concerned College Association or chapter is encouraged but not required. The UPLBAA Awards Committee may also actively seek out nomination through chapter associations or through their own search initiatives.

The categories for the 2022 UPLBAA Outstanding and Distinguished Alumni Awards are delineated in thematic terms
rather than along professional lines, and mayinclude, but are not limited to the following:
 Good governance and public service
 Science and technology  Engineering
 Culture and the arts  Education,research, and training
 Educational innovation
 Public health promotion
 Public engagement and risk communication
 Veterinary medicine and agro-bio services
 Poverty alleviation and human development
 Peace and social cohesion
 Gender equality or women empowerment
 Community empowerment
 Environmental conservation and sustainable development
 Entrepreneurship and employment creation
 Corporate social responsibility

A. UPLB alumnus in good standing and is not currently serving s officer or member ofthe BOT of UPLBAA, College Alumni Association, or its chapters.
B. Moral integrity – no pending case or conviction of administrative as well as civil and criminal offenses
C. Proof of outstanding achievements(copyof certificates, plaque citations, published articles on awards or recognition)
D. A copy of duly accomplished nomination form
E. A complete citation of the nominees‘ qualifications highlighting outstanding achievements deserving of recognition (not more than 500 words)
F. Updated curriculum vitae
G. High-quality photos of the nominee
– High-quality portrait and close up shot with white background
– All pictures must be in at least 1020 pixels in .jpeg or .png format
– Action photos, work related or any picture related to the field where nominated