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Land and Water Resources Division

Institute of Agricultural Engineering

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology

University of the Philippines Los Baños

College, 4031 Laguna

T/F: +63 (049) 536-2387

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2001 PhD Resource Management and Environmental Science (Hydrogeology) Australian National University
1993  MS Irrigation Engineering and Management Asian Institute of Technology
1989 BS Agricultural Engineering Visayas State University

Research Interests

Increasing water use efficiency and water productivity

Development of field level technologies to respond to water scarcity

Understanding hydrology at the landscape level

Irrigation system management

Groundwater management

Resource use efficiency


Recent Publications

  1. Stuart AM, Pame AR, Vithoonjit D, Viriyangkura L, Pithuncharumlap J, Meesang N, Suksiri P, Singleton GR, Lampayan RM. 2016. The application of best management practices increase rice farming profitability in the central plains of Thailand. Field Crops Research. 2017.
  2. Pan J, Liu Y, Zhong X, Lampayan RM, Singleton GR, Nongrong H, Liang K, Peng B, Tian K. 2017. Grain yield, water productivity and nitrogen use efficiency of rice under different water management and fertilizer-N inputs in South China. Agricultural Water Management, 184 (2017) 191–200. 
  3. Valdivia CMD, Sumalde ZM, Palis FG, Lampayan RM, Umali C, Singleton GR. 2016. Effects of Alternate Wetting and Drying on Rice Farming in Bohol, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Crop Science (PJCS) December 2016, 41 (3):50-56.
  4. Stuart AM, Pame AR, Silva JV, Dikitanan R, Rutsaert P, Malabayabas A, Lampayan RM, Singleton GR. 2016. Yield gaps in rice-based farming systems: Insights from local studies and prospects for future analysis. In press: Field Crops Research 194, 43-56.
  5. Liang K, Zhong X, Huang N, Lampayan RM, Pan J, Tian K, Liu Y. 2015. Grain yield, water productivity and CH4 emission of irrigated rice in response to water management in south China. Agric. Water Manage 163, 319-331.
  6. Lampayan RM, Faronilo JF, Tuong TP, Espiritu AJ, de Dios JL, Bayot, R.S., Bueno, C.S., Hosen Y. 2015. Effects of seedbed management and delayed transplanting of rice seedlings on crop performance, grain yield, and water productivity.  Field Crops Res. 183, 303-314.
  7. Lampayan RM, Rejesus RM, Bouman BAM, Singleton GR. 2015. Adoption and economics of alternate wetting and drying water management for irrigated lowland rice. Field Crops Res, 170, 95-108.
  8. Lampayan RM, Samoy-Pascual, Sibayan EB, Ella VB, Jayag OP, Cabangon RJ, Bouman BAM. 2015. Effects of alternate wetting and drying (AWD) threshold level and plant seedling age on crop performance, water input and water productivity of transplanted rice in Central Luzon. Paddy and Water Envi. 13, 215-227.
  9. Rejesus RM, Palis FG, Rodriguez D, Lampayan RM, Bouman BAM. 2010.  Impact of the alternate wetting and drying (AWD) water-saving techniques: evidence from rice producers in the Philippines.  Food Policy 36, 280-288.
  10. Lampayan RM, Bouman BAM, Faronilo JE, Soriano JB, de Dios JL, Espiritu AJ, Thant K.  2010. Yield of aerobic rice in rainfed lowlands of the Philippines as affected by N fertilization and row spacing. Field Crops Res. 116, 165-174.


Courses Taught

ABE 70 Fundamentals of Surveying
ABE 175  Water Control Structures 
AENG 243  Soil and Water Conservation 


Member, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers

Member, Crop Science Society of the Philippines

Member, Philippine Society of Soil Science & Technology

Associate Editor, The Crop Journal

Reviewer, Refereed Journals: Field Crops Research, Agricultural Water Management

Member, AIT Alumni Association - Philippine Chapter

Member, ANU Alumni Association - Philippine Chapter

Member, Philippine Australian Alumni Association

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