Established since 2005, the UP Alliance of Chemical Engineering Students known as UP AChES (ey- ches) is a duly recognized socio-academic organization based in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). It was established by 45 young, vibrant and highly spirited Batch 2003 and Batch 2004 Chemical Engineering undergraduate students of UPLB.


Executive Committee:

  • President: Angelica Ariel U. Mawili
  • Vice President for Internal and External Affairs: Allyssa Mae RJ. Firmalan
  • Vice President for Organizational Assets: Abigael DR. Rubiano
  • Secretary: Sarah Yvonne P. Malvataan
  • Treasurer/Finance Committee Head: Roanne A. Adan
  • Auditor/Sponsorship Committee Head: Richael Anne Hienet D.R. Marinay
  • PRO Internals/Publications Committee Head: Aira Denielle R. Pacual
  • PRO Externals/Socio-cultural Committee Head: Christine Joy A. Menor
  • Academics Committee Head: Jenesis Carlo S. Sy
  • Membership Committee Head: Allyssa Mae J. Pacio


Senior Adviser: Dr. Manolito E. Bambase

Junior Adviser: Asst. Prof. Jeanne Michelle T. Valencia, Engr. Shelah G. Ramirez, and Engr. Eden P. Sumalapao (CAS)

 The Civil Engineering Executive Organization (CEO) is a duly recognized academic organization in the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT). It was founded in June 2000. The organization holds and participates in activities within the college, university and even outside the university. At the same time, it fosters harmony and maintains academic excellence among its members. With the vision of seeing the bright future in civil engineering, serving as its members' drive, the organization aims to promote academic and professional excellence in all of its endeavors. CEO aims to develop its members' potentials to mold them into socially responsible engineers.


Executive Committee:

  • President: John Kenneth E. Labine
  • Vice President: Mhel Jane E. Bacurin
  • Executive Secretary: Sofia U. Rodelas
  • Educational Affairs Committee Head: Grenald D. Santelices
  • Finance Committee Head: Venson R. Cai
  • Membership Committee Head: Carlos Antonio L. Sales
  • Public Relations Committee Head: Melorie D. Lim
  • Ways and Means Committee Head: Mark Jude B. Alcayde


Senior Adviser: Asst. Prof. Paul Michael O. Tarnate

Junior Adviser: Engr. Dan Michael A. Sadia

 E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Founded in 1993, the University of the Philippines Civil Engineering Society (UPCES) is a civil engineering students organization based in UP Los Baños, College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) devoted to supporting the philosophy inspired by U.P. traditions - honor, service and academic excellence. UPCES is committed to promote unity among engineering students through various academic and extra-curricular activities.


Executive Committee:

  • Grand Ruler: Raymond Joseph B. Paraiso
  • Vice Grand Ruler: Rianne May M. Diaz
  • Administrative Records Keeper: Sarah Maria C. Naingue
  • Administrative Monetary Keeper: Kristelle Celine R. Lampano
  • Administrative Monetary Analyst: Mariah Mercedes D. Lingao
  • Administrative External Officer: Angelo M. Sarmiento
  • Administrative Herald: Renz Paul Abelard F. Reyes
  • Senior Academic Counselor: Viel M. Rimando
  • Junior Academic Counselor: Laydee Cel L. Espinosa
  • Administrative Marshals:Rodolfo L. Morales, Kim Myriel A. Moreno
  • Administrative Property Keeper: Ken Onil A. Acuesta, Joseph Angelo R. Sabio


Senior Adviser: Dr. Eliseo V. Ana

Junior Adviser: Engr. Christian C. Vaso 

The UP Engineering Radio Guild-Los Baños (UP ERG-LB) is the Los Baños Chapter of the first engineering organization in the UP system. They actively promote the holistic development of their members, being excellent not only in academics but also in people skills – a valuable quality of leaders. They also exemplify service through various academic and social projects, further increasing the consciousness on the power of collective action in bringing positive change not only in the university but also in the community.


Executive Committee:   

  • President: Janela Jules D. Mosca
  • Executive Vice President: Rochelle Marie C. Flores
  • Vice President for Secretariat: Michelle Ann T. Sambalilo
  • Vice President for Finance: Ravtor A. Lebosada
  • Vice President for External Affairs: Aubrey Z. Garrido
  • Vice President for Internal Affairs: Mary Katrina R. Marasigan
  • Vice President for Technical and Academic Concerns: Leonardo T. Granada
  • Vice President for Admission, Recruitment, and Membership: Rowell Van O. Solo
  • Vice President for Sports and Leisure: Angelon A. Yasis


Senior Adviser: Master Erwin Escobar

Junior Advisers: Engr. Karen-Christian Agno, Engr. Elvin Dulce, Engr. Adrian Augusto Sumalde

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The University of the Philippines Engineering Students’ Guild (UP ESG) geared to existence by twenty seven engineering students was founded March 15, 1996. For fifteen exceptional years, UPESG has been advocating for Excellence, Service and Grandeur in every step on its stupendous voyage. Our organization has been consistent in pursuing leadership, developing unity, and establishing camaraderie within and outside the organization and the university.


Executive Committee:

  • President: Deune Jun R. Diego
  • Vice-President: Earnest Alexis T. Orpia
  • Secretary: Bryan E. Atendido
  • Treasurer: Krista Lynne S. Oliver
  • Academic Officer: Jastine Michaela C. Adduru
  • PRO: Mary Angelene C. Escobar


Senior Adviser: Prof. Arthur L. Fajardo

Junior Advisers: Prof. Denise Ester O. Santiago, Engr. Alexander A. Blastique

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The U.P. Society of Agricultural Engineering Students (UP SAGES), a pioneer academic organization in College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology, was established in 1966. From its birth up to the present, UP SAGES has kept in its heart and its mind the objective for which the society has been growing, out-reaching, and expanding into the very corner of the university and the society to heed the call for involvement in the varied context of the student life.


Executive Committee:

  • President: Allan Tejada Jr.
  • Vice President for Academics: Maria Romina Joy Manangan
  • Vice President for Membership: Maureen Nice Climaco
  • Secretary: Jessa Felice Yalao
  • Treasurer: Eunice Maye Andres
  • Public Relations Officer: John Vincent Cruz
  • Business Manager: Emmanuel Zeus Gapan


Senior Adviser: Prof. Moises A. Dorado

Junior Adviser: Dr. Rossana Marie C. Amongo

Established in 1975, it is a duly recognized academic organization grounded on the principles of academic excellence, camaraderie and community service. 


Executive Committee:

  • President: Francis Angelo A. Rivera
  • Vice-President: Donna Ivy M. Alpar
  • Secretary: Rania Marie E. Buenavista
  • Assistant Secretary: Jefferson C. Bore
  • Treasurer: Andrea Carla M. Haway
  • Auditor: Danice Anne C. Gonzales  


Senior Adviser: Dr. Delfin C. Suministrado

Junior Adviser: Asst. Prof. Ma. Cristine Conception D. Ignacio

Established in 2002, the University of the Philippines - Los Baños Engineering Society (UPLB EngSoc) is an engineering students organization based in U.P. Los Baños College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) that unites all engineering students endowed with discipline, competitiveness and leadership skills, into one body that will contribute for the development of the university and the larger community, promote camaraderie and uphold EXCELLENCE, DYNAMISM, and UNITY.

Executive Committee:

  • President: Abegaille dela Cruz
  • Vice-President: Allen Lemence
  • Secretary: Hannah Literal
  • Head of Treasury: Charlene Mae Cayacyac
  • Financial Assessor: Andrea Mercado
  • Social Committee HeadRay Alipio 
  • Logistics Committee Head: Miamin Pederoso
  • Membership Committee Heads: Alvin Tenorio, Crissel Besares
  • Course Representatives:                                                                                       
  1. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering: Mark Lester Red                                        
  2. Civil Engineering: Marikah Dagooc                                                                        
  3. Chemical Engineering: Raymond Angeles                                                          
  4. Industrial Engineering: Joanna Marcos


Senior Adviser: Prof. Perlie Panopio-Velasco

Junior Adviser: Engr. Michael Vincent O. Laurio

E-mail Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The University of the Philippines at Los Baños Industrial Engineering Students' Organization, or UPLB IESO for short, is an academic organization of BSIE students founded in 2001. The organization is based in the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) of UPLB. Its purpose is to unite into one body all of the UPLB IE students, for the purpose of promoting and upholding academic excellence as well as camaraderie among them. It also has the mission to promote and propagate the interests and endeavors of Industrial Engineering in the university, the community, and society in general, and to fulfill the goals and missions of the university through knowledge gained in the field. The organization is sponsored by the UPLB IESO ALUMNI ASSOCIATION., and is endorsed by the Industrial Engineering Department of CEAT. The organization is a member of the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE), and is active in its activities.


Executive Committee:

  • President: Patricia Isabelle Mendoza
  • Executive Secretary: Maria Cielito Dalisay
  • Vice President for Operations and Synergy: Christian Jorge Fraginal
  • Vice President for Public Affairs: Maxine Yjares
  • Vice President for Budget and Finance: Reah Concepcion Endaya
  • Vice President for Properties and Holdings: Rhea Delicano


Senior Adviser: Dr. Aurelio A. de los Reyes, Jr.

Junior Adviser: Engr. Kathleen B. Lee

Contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 

The UPLB Society of Chemical Engineering Students (UPLB SChemES) is an exclusive academic organization duly recognized by the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. It was founded on September 11, 1986 and from its 20 charter members, the Society grew and became one of the most respected and admired organization not only in the University but in the community as well.


Presently, the Society has at least fifty resident members dedicated to the pursuit of higher academic learning and to the fulfillment of the Society’s objectives and noble goals.


With the support of the Department of Chemical Engineering, UPLB SChemES achieved a distinct level of recognition with ground breaking and innovative activities. The Society takes pride from its members governed by integrity, character, and traditions of excellence and holistic foundations. As the new demands of time unfurl, UPLB SChemES will continue to strive to the empowerment of its members and to hurdle challenges along the way. It will always do its part for the promotion of the chemical engineering field, upliftment of the roles of its members and service to the community.


UPLB SChemES is an active member of Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers Junior Chapter-Luzon (PIChE-JCL), a conglomeration of colleges and universities offering B.S. Chemical Engineering all over Luzon.


Executive Committee:

  • President: John Denver Viernes
  • Vice President: Kealoha Cheska Gale 
  • Secretary: Ma. Regina Resol
  • Treasurer: Reginald Dofredo 
  • Auditor: Bjorn Ivan Ofrasio 
  • Public Relations Officer: Diana Mae Jose 
  • Membership Committee Head: Mark Knel Reyes
  • Engineering Meet Head: Howell Lucy 

Contact Information


Senior Adviser: Dr. Catalino Alfafara, Prof. Marilyn del Barrio

Junior Adviser: Engr. Butch Bataller, Engr. Dhan Lord Fortella

The UPLB Society of Electrical Engineering Students was founded on February 5, 1998. It is the first and only academic organization that is exclusive for Electrical Engineering students. It utilizes activities to pursue its goals in community service and contribution to the advancement of humanity through electrical engineering (e.g. seminars, quiz contests, and UPCAT reviews). It also aims to produce quality electrical engineering students by developing qualities such as leadership, resourcefulness, inventiveness, and active participation in social issues.

Executive Committee:

  • PresidentCezar John Estrada
  • Vice President: John Raymond Lumawag
  • Secretary: Mikaela Buendia
  • Academic Committee Head: John Chester Kim Brucal
  • Finance Committee Head: Diana Klayne Alcoba
  • Social Committee HeadArjon Valencia
  • Membership and Discipline Committee Head: Mark Kevin de Leon
  • Sports Committee Head: Russel Villatuya


Senior Adviser: Prof. Roderick L. Catriz 

Junior Advisers: Engr. John DG. Agsalud, Engr. Ericson B. Poja, Engr. Reiniel Daren E. Sangalang, Engr. Billy, John Q. Valdez 

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The University of the Philippines Engineering Radio Guild, Los Baños Chapter (UP ERG LB) branched out from the organization UP ERG in the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) on December 2004. UP ERG LB, a duly recognized academicorganizationin the Department of Electrical Engineering, aims to foster camaraderie, promote student welfare, and uphold academic excellence.

UP ERG LB’s accomplishments, to date, include organizing the Engineering Meet 07-08.


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