In line with the initiative of the college to establish an effective mentoring system for the senior and junior faculty members, a webinar entitled “Research Mentoring Strategies” was held on 25 October 2022 via Zoom.
Dr. Marish S. Madlangbayan, Dr. Rex B. Demafelis and Dr. Victor B. Ella were invited to be the resource speakers for this event to share their technical expertise to 74 CEAT Faculty members, REPS, project staff and student attendees.
They have shared their experiences as mentee and mentors and how they incorporated these skills now as faculty advisers and project leaders. Moreover, they have shared some tips on how the attendees can also be a mentor to their colleagues and students in their own way.
The webinar is under the 2022 CEAT webinar series, “Future Proofing and Enabling Strategies for CEAT Stakeholders” and was organized by the CEAT Mentoring and Tenure Committee, with Dr. Josefa Angelie D. Revilla as Chair, and the Office of the Associate Dean. (Mary Jane F. Gallardo)