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Land and Water Resources Division

Institute of Agricultural Engineering

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology

University of the Philippines Los Baños

College, 4031 Laguna

T/F: +63 (049) 536-2387

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1999 Ph.D. double major in Agricultural Engineering and Civil (Environmental) Engineering Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA
1986 M.S. Irrigation Engineering Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
1982 B.S. Agricultural Engineering University of the Philippines Los Baños


Research Interests

Hydrologic modeling and simulation

Water resources engineering

Surface and groundwater hydrology

Irrigation and drainage engineering

Soil erosion and sediment transport

Soil and water conservation

Water quality and wastewater engineering

Contaminant transport in soils

Land use change, climate change, and water resources

Conservation agriculture (biological engineering)


Recent Publications

(Google Scholar Page)

Bondad, R.M., V.B. Ella, R.B. Saludes, M.R. Reyes and A.R. Mercado, Jr. 2015. Simulating the Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Corn Yield in the Philippines Using the DSSAT CERES-Maize Model. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 98(2): 68-79

R. M. Lampayan, K. C. Samoy-Pascual, E. B. Sibayan, V. B. Ella, O. P. Jayag, R. J. Cabangon, B. A. M. Bouman. 2015. Effects of alternate wetting and drying (AWD) threshold level and plant seedling age on crop performance, water input, and water productivity of transplanted rice in Central Luzon, Philippines. Paddy and Water Environment, 13(3):215-227

Tarnate, P.O., V.B. Ella and M.R. Reyes. 2014. Modeling solute transport in soil under conventional plow-based and conservation agriculture production systems in Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippines. Philippine Agricultural Scientist, 97(3): 243-251

Gomez, N.U., A.C. Rola and V.B. Ella. 2014. Econometric analysis of supply and demand for irrigation in selected aquifers in Southern Philippines. International Journal of Current Science. 12: E8-19

Ella, V.B., J. Keller, M.R. Reyes and R. Yoder. 2013. A  Low-Cost Pressure Regulator for Improving the Water Distribution Uniformity of a Microtube-Type Drip Irrigation System. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 29(3): 343-349

Liñan, E.L, V.B. Ella, L.M. Florece. 2013. GIS-Based Assessment of Groundwater Vulnerability to Contamination in Boracay Island Using DRASTIC Model. Journal of Environmental Science and Management, 16(2):19-27

Ella, V.B., A.L. Fajardo and D.D. Elazegui. 2012. Institutional Partnership for Irrigation and Other Infrastructure, In: Rola, A.C., J.E. Hernandez, J.R. Medina, M.M. Paunlagui, and L.R.I. Velasco (Eds). 2012. Partnership for Food Security. DA-BAR, Diliman, Quezon City and UPLB, College, Laguna, Philippines. Chapter 5, pp. 77-89.

Ella, V.B., M.R. Reyes, R. Yoder, N. Olila, M. Palada, D. Midmore and T. Dillaha. 2012. Low-cost drip irrigation technology for sustainable vegetable-agroforestry systems, In: Catacutan, D.C. A. R. Mercado, M.E.C.Javier, M.V. O. Espaldon, V. B. Ella, M. Palada, A.C. Rola, C.D. Piñon, J. Saludadez, A. Penaso, M. R. Nguyen, C. T. Pailagao, I. B. Bagares, N. R. Alibuyog, D. Midmore, M. R. Reyes, R. Cajilig, K. Kunta and S. Sombatpanit (eds) 2012. Vegetable Agroforestry Systems in the Philippines. Special Publication No. 6b, World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC), Beijing, China and the World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF), Nairobi, Kenya. pp. ISBN 978-974-350-655-0

Palada, M., A.C. Mercado, M. Roberts, V.B. Ella, M.R. Reyes, A.D. Susila, D.T. Ha, D.L. Wu and M. Bhattarai. 2011. "Farmers’ experiences with low-pressure drip irrigation for vegetable production in Southeast Asia and the Pacific."  Acta Horticulturae, 921: 49-56

Ella, V.B. 2011. Simulating the Hydraulic Effects of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources in a Selected Aquifer in the Philippines Using a Numerical Groundwater Model. SEARCA Agriculture and Development Discussion Paper Series No. 2011-1, (ISSN-1908-6164)

Villareal, R.L., E. M. Tecson-Mendoza, V. B. Ella, A. R. Elepaño, P. C. Sta. Cruz, R. B. Badayos, C.P. Mamaril and E. N. Bernardo. 2011. Further intensification of agriculture: A must to meet the challenges of agricultural productivity, sustainability and competitiveness. Trans. Nat. Acad. Sci. & Tech. (Philippines) Vol. 33 (No. 2): 253-287, ISSN 0115-8848

Alibuyog, N.R., V.B. Ella and E.E. Paningbatan. 2010. "Development of pedotransfer functions for predicting water retention curve of Philippine soils using artificial neural network analysis." Journal of Nature Studies9(1): 175-179.

Alibuyog, N.R., V.B. Ella, M.R. Reyes, R. Srinivasan, C. Heatwole and T. Dillaha. 2009. "Predicting the effects of land use change on runoff and sediment yield in Manupali river subwatersheds using the SWAT model." International Agricultural Engineering Journal, 18(1-2):15-25

Ella, V.B., M.R. Reyes and R. Yoder. 2009. "Effect of hydraulic head and slope on water distribution uniformity of a low-cost drip irrigation system." Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 25(3): 349-356

Amongo, R.C., A.N. Resurreccion, V.B. Ella, P.M. Bato, F.O. Paras Jr., O.F. Zubia and E.V. Casas. 2009."Development of Lahar Filtration System for Recirculating Aquaculture System." Philippine Journal of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering7: 16-35

Arnold, J., R. Srinivasan, S. Neitsch, C. George, K. Abbaspour, F.H. Hao, A. van Griensven, A. Gosain, P. Debels, N.W. Kim, H. Somura, V.B. Ella, L. Leon, A. Jintrawet, M. Reyes and S. Sombatpanit (eds.) 2009. Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Global Applications. World Association of Soil and Water Conservation (WASWAC). Special Publication No. 4. ISBN: 978-974-613-722-5, 397pp.

Alibuyog, N.R. and V.B. Ella. 2008. "Predicting copper transport in an undisturbed soil column using the two-region transport model." Philippine Journal of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering6: 25-35

Lapong, E., V.B. Ella, M.G. Villano and P.M. Bato. 2008. "Effects of Climatic Factors and Land Use on Runoff, Sediment Load, and Pesticide Loading in Upland Microcatchments in Bukidnon, Philippines." Philippine Journal of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, 6:49-56

Alibuyog, N.R., V.B. Ella and E.E. Paningbatan. 2008. "Effects of Soil Physical Properties on the Transport of Chloride in an Undisturbed Soil Column." Journal of Nature Studies, 7(1): 53-60

Alibuyog, N.R., V.B. Ella, D.T Franco and E.K. Peralta. 2007. "Modeling groundwater recharge in a shallow aquifer in the Philippines." Journal of Nature Studies, 6:161-173

Ella, V.B. 2005. "Simulating shallow tubewell drawdown in the Philippines using a three-dimensional finite difference groundwater model." International Agricultural Engineering Journal, 14(4):175-186

Ella, V.B. 2005. Simulating soil erosion and sediment yield in small upland watersheds using the WEPP model In: Coxhead, I. and G.E. Shively (eds) Land use change in tropical watersheds: evidence, causes and remedies, CABI Publishing, CAB International, Oxfordshire, UK, pp. 109-125

Ella, V.B., S.W. Melvin, R.S Kanwar, L.C. Jones and R. Horton. 2002. "Inverse three-dimensional groundwater modeling using the finite difference method for recharge estimation in a glacial till aquitard." Transactions of the ASAE. 45(3): 703-715.

Ella, V.B., S.W. Melvin and R.S. Kanwar. 2001. "Spatial analysis of NO3-N concentration in glacial till." Transactions of the ASAE.44(2):317-327.


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

AENG 140/ABE 71  Field Hydrology 
AENG 41/ABE 71 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 
AENG 141 Irrigation Engineering I
AENG 142 Irrigation Engineering II
ABE 172 Irrigation and Drainage Engineering II 
AENG 144/ABE 174  Open Channel Hydraulics
AENG 145/ABE 175 Water Control Structures
AENG 147/ABE 177 Principles of Tropical Water Quality Management 
AENG 149/ABE 179 Water Resources Planning
AENG 180 Soil Engineering
AENG 1/ABE 1 Fundamentals of Agricultural Engineering I/Fundamentals of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering I
CE 52/CE 152 Sanitary Engineering II
ENCS 16 Fluid Mechanics
ENSC 16b Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
ENSC 12 Dynamics of Rigid Bodies
ENSC 21 Mathematical Methods in Engineering

Graduate Courses

AENG 240 Advanced Water Resources Planning 
AENG 242 Water Management 
AENG 244 Groundwater Hydrology 
AENG 247  Water Quality Control Engineering 
AENG 248  Erosion and Sediment Transport 
AENG 249  Statistical Hydrology 
AENG 290 Special Problems in Soil and Water Resources Engineering


Honors, Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships

SEARCA Regional Professorial Chair 2015-2016

UP Scientific Productivity Award, 2015 (UP Scientist II, 2015-2017)

UP Scientific Productivity Award, 2012 (UP Scientist I, 2012-2014)

UPLB Centennial Professorial Chair, 2010-2011 and 2009-2010

UP System International Publication Award, 2001 - present

SEARCA SFRT Award, 2008

Distinguished Alumnus in Agricultural  Engineering Research, College of Engineering and Agro-industrial Technology (CEAT), University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB), 2008

SEARCA Professorial Chair Award, 2008-2009

1st Place (Zonal Winner), Republica Award for Outstanding Research Publication (Natural Science Category), Commission on Higher Education (CHED), 2007

IAE-CHED International Publication Award, 2006

Best Teacher Award, Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IAE), CEAT, UPLB/ Commission on Higher Education (CHED), 2004

Best Paper Award (Second Place) Research Category, 17th STARRDEC Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights, 2004

AFMA Best R&D Paper Award, First Runner Up, Basic research category,

15th National Research Symposium, Department of Agriculture, 2003

PNOC Professorial Chair Award, 2003-2004

SEARCA Professorial Chair Award, 2002-2003

Department of Agriculture Secretary's Award for 2 international refereed publications, 2002

Fulbright Fellowship, 1995-2000

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, Iowa State University, (as part of the Fulbright Academic Training Package) 1999-2000

Research Excellence Award, Iowa State University, given by the Vice Provost for Research/Graduate College Dean and the Graduate Student Senate of Iowa State University, 1999

Graduate Research Assistantship, Iowa State University, 1998-1999

Member, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Iowa State Chapter, 1997

Member, Alpha Epsilon-Honor Society of Agricultural, Food and Biological Engineering, Iowa State Chapter, 1997

Belgian Government Department of Development Cooperation Scholarship Grant, 1984-1986

Graduated the MS Program with Great Distinction, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1986

Lifetime Member, Gamma Sigma Delta-the Honor Society of Agriculture, UPLB Chapter

Second Placer, Professional Agricultural Engineering Board Examination, Professional Regulation Commission, Manila, Philippines, 1982



Professor, Graduate School, UPLB

Affiliate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, CEAT, UPLB

Affiliate Professor, School of Environmental Science and Management, UPLB

Affiliate Professor, Agricultural Systems Cluster, College of Agriculture, UPLB

Affiliate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, College of Economics and Management, UPLB

Affiliate Professor, Institute of Renewable Natural Resources, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, UPLB

Member, American Society of Agricultural And Biological Engineers

Member, World Association of Soil and Water Conservation

Member, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers

Member, Philippine Fullbright Scholars Association

Associate Editor and Member of Editorial Board, International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (IJABE)

Member, Philippine Department of Agriculture Scientific Career Evaluation Committee

Member, Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Iowa State Chapter

Member, Gamma Sigma Deta - The Honor Society of Agriculture, UPLB Chapter

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