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Agricultural and Bio-Processing Division

Institute of Agricultural Engineering

College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology

University of the Philippines Los Baños

College, 4031 Laguna

T/F: +63495360250

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1974 PhD Agricultural Engineering Pennsylvania State University, USA

MS Agricultural Engineering

(Minor in Post-harvest Horticulture)

University of the Philippines Los Baños
1965 BS Chemical Engineering University of San Agustin


Research Interests

Agricultural and Food Process Engineering

Post-harvest Technology

Rural Energy

Agricultural Mechanization


Recent Publications

LozadaEP., Velasco, R. L. and E. L. Aguilar (1999) "Agricultural Research Needs for the Philippines for the 21st Century," JSPS Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.

LozadaEP., Carpio, C. and Aguilar, E. L. (1999) "Options for the Modernization of the Coconut Industry." Lecture Series in Honor of Dr. Emil Q. Javier, UP President. Diliman, Quezon City.

LozadaEP., Varca, L. and Dimapilis, A. (1998) "Reduction of PAH in Coconut Products," Philippine Academy of Science and Technology Annual Conference.

LozadaEP. (1997) "Minimizing Smoke Emissions in Coconut Processing," Proceedings of the International Global Warming Conference, Columbia University, New York City.

LozadaEP. and Lorena, C. (1996) "Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH's) Levels in Cooking Oil Produced with the Los Baños Fresh-Dry Method," EU-sponsored Conference on Coconut Processing, Sri Lanka.

LozadaEP., Dimapilis, A. and Casa, E. (1998) "Removal of PAH with Activated Carbon," Coconut Oil Refiners Association, Philippine Coconut Authority.

LozadaEP. (1996) "Ecological Engineering Considerations in the Design of a Dryer for Coconut." Proceedings of the International Conference on Ecological Engineering, Beijing, China.

Rodulfo, V. A. and LozadaEP. (1996) "Natural Convection Drying of Paddy," Proceedings of the GTZ Conference on Rice Drying, Surabaya, Indonesia.

LozadaEP., Rodulfo Jr., V. A., Larona, V.L. and Del Rosario, A. C. (1995) "Opportunities in Corn Mechanization," Philippine Mechanization Bulletin. Vol. 3(2) UPLB.

LozadaEP. (1995) "Spinoffs from the Los Baños Dryer," SEARCA Professorial Chair Lecture. University of the Philippines Los Baños.

LozadaEP. and Boceta, N. (1995) "Coconut Product Diversification as a Strategy for Global Competitiveness," Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) Conference, Cochin, India.

LozadaEP., Varca, L. and Lorena, M. C. S. (1995) "Establishement of a Laboratory for the Reduction of PAH's Contamination in Coconut Products," Proceedings of the Project Implementor Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia.

LozadaEP. (1994) "State-of-the-Art of the Oil Milling Industry in the Philippines." ACIAR.

LozadaEP., Koontz, A. and Sumalde, Z. (1993) "Integrated Coconut Product Diversification," Proceedings of the 30th COCOTECH Meeting, Bali, Indonesia.

Peralta, E. K., Peralta, M. M. and LozadaEP. (1993) "Wet Method of Coconut Processing," Proceedings of the National Workshop on Coconut Processing, Philippine Coconut Authority, Diliman, Quezon City.

LozadaEP. (1992) "Build Your Own Los Baños Multicrop Dryer," Philippine Agricultural Mechanization Bulletin Vol. 1(2).

LozadaEP. (1992) "State-of-the-Art of Coconut Processing in the Philippines," Appropriate Technology International.

LozadaEP. (1992) "Some Improvements on the Los Baños Multicrop Dryer," Coconuts Today Vol 9(1). United Coconut Association of the Philippines.

LozadaEP. (1991) "Basic Concept in the Design and Development of the Los Baños Multicrop Dryer." Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), Suva, Fiji.

LozadaEP. (1990) "Coconut-based Rural Industries," Julian A. Banzon Memorial Lecture, Integrated Chemists Annual Convention, Cebu City.


Awards Received

1998 Pantas Outstanding Researcher Award, PCARRD-DOST

1997 Distinguished Extension Award, Gamma Sigma Delta, The Honor Society of Agriculture

1995 Outstanding Extension Personnel, UPLB

1992 Outstanding Agricultural Engineer Award, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers

1988 Outstanding Alumnus, UPLB

1981, Outstanding National Young Scientist of the Philippines (Agricultural Engineering), DOST, National Science Week

1983 Presidential Merit Award, Utility Model Category, Philippine Inventors Week. Entry: Multicrop Dryer

1979 Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) of the Philippines

1979 Best Paper Award, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers Annual Convention

1978 Achievement Award for Technology Development, Crop Science Society of the Philippines

Professorial Chairs, Philippine Coconut Research and Development Foundation Inc., 1977-81, SEARCA 1994-95, UPAA, 2001


Technologies Developed

Los Baños Multi-crop Dryer

Los Baños Fresh-dry Process of Cooking Oil Manufacture

Hot Water Treatment Plant for Ratoon Stunting Disease (RSD)

Manually-operated Dehusker for Coconut

Slow-burn Furnace



Member, International Society for the Advancement of Agricultural Science (ISAAS)

Member, Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers

Member, Philippine Society of Chemical Engineers

Member, Chemical Society of the Philippines

Member, Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society

Member, Society for the Advancement of Research

Member, Alpha Epsilon Honor Society, The Pennsylvania State University

Member, Crop Science Society of the Philippines

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