Associate Professor



Department of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology, University of the Philippines Los Baños, College, Laguna (Tel # +63 (049) 536-2315)

Email Address: [email protected]


Year Degree University
2014 PhD Environmental Engineering Myongji University, South Korea
2009 MS Environmental Engineering Myongji University, South Korea
2006 BS Chemical Engineering University of the Philippines Los Baños


Water and Wastewater Treatment; Seawater Desalination; Membrane Technology


PUBLICATIONS: (Google Scholar Page)

Eusebio, R.C., Razote, B.J., Del Pilar, H.J., Alorro, R., Beltran, A., Orbecido, A. Evaluation of the leaching characteristics of low-grade nickel laterite waste rock for indirect carbon sequestration application. Geosystem Engineering, 23-4 (2020) 205-215.

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 Eusebio, R.C., Kim, H.G., Kim, H.S. Application of MF Membrane in Sludge Reduction System. KSWE-JA Conference Proceedings (2008) 63-64.


Course Code Course Title
ENSC 10a Engineering Graphics 1
ENSC 11 Statics of Rigid Bodies
ENSC 26 Computer Applications in Engineering
ChE 180 Agro-Industrial Waste Management
ChE 185 Chemical Engineering Laws, Ethics and Contracts
ChE 192 Chemical Process Equipment Design
ChE 282 Physical and Chemical Wastewater Treatment Design
ChE 283 Biological Wastewater Treatment Design


National Research Council of the Philippines – Chair, Division VII – Engineering and Industrial Research (2020-2022); Head, Water Resource Management (2018 – 2020); Head, Environmental Technologies (2016 – 2018); Regular Member (since 2015)

President, Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers Laguna Chapter

Member, Society of Environmental Engineers of the Philippines, Inc.

Member, Korean Society of Environmental Engineers

Member, Organization of Filipino Scholars in Korea

Member, European Membrane Society