The Institute of Agricultural Engineering produced another batch of Agricultural Engineers during the Agricultural Engineer Licensure Examination on July 1-2, 2014.

Von Jansen G. Comedia (2nd placer), Engr. Bryan M. Baltazar (5th placer), Engr. Ma. Camille T. Gonzales (7th placer), and Engr. Key Row V. Axalan (8th Placer) are in the top ten. With a 97.14% passing rate, here are the names of our new Engineers:

  1. Allas, Christine Joy A.
  2. Axalan, Key Row V.
  3. Baltazar, Bryan M.
  4. Betaizar, Mariel B.
  5. Bumanglag, Christine P.
  6. Cabriole, Marie Aislinn E.
  7. Calanoga, Danica F.
  8. Comedia, Von Jansen G.
  9. Cunanan, Maricar T.
  10. De Padua, Victor Antonio N.
  11. Diez, Jose Mari A.
  12. DinamlingDjolly Ma. P.
  13. Divina II, Felen A.
  14. Duque, Jonnel Andrew C.
  15. Escoses, Lalaine S.
  16. Escudero, Maan Kimberly G.
  17. Fernandez, Cyra Gail P.
  18. Franco, Karen Cybill D.
  19. Gaviola, Jon H.
  20. Geganto, Christopher L.
  21. Gines, Kelvin Kyle C.
  22. Gonzales, Ma. Camille T.
  23. Labay, John Emilson M.
  24. Lopez, Allan Paolo L.
  25. Luna, Joselle R.
  26. Moreno, Dustin Allen T.
  27. Palacol, Precious Leirae E.
  28. Sandoval, Joseph Daniel C.
  29. Suarez, Jerome M.
  30. Tamayo, Maureen N.
  31. Tomaquin, Rizell Q.
  32. Villamarzo, Jan Carlo G.
  33. Villanueva, Ardibel S.
  34. Villarma, Kathleen Faith Jay O.

Congratulations to our new Agricultural Engineers!

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