(OC Memorandum No. 105, Series of 2008, August 26, 2008)

The UPLB University Council approved the following policies on enrollment of thesis/practicum/dissertation:

  1. For undergraduate thesis/practicum (course 200/200a) and master's thesis (course 300), the six (6) units total credit should be broken down for registration each term in equal fractions of 2-2-2 or 3-3. For doctoral dissertation (course 400), the semestral distribution of the 12 units total credit should be 3-3-3-3 and 4-4-4.
  2. A grade of "S"or "U" should be given at the end of each term while work is in progress. Upon completion of the work (when the student is ready to submit the required number of copies of the approved manuscript), a numerical grade should be given instead of "S" or "U".
  3. A student who has already registered a total of 6 units for undergraduate thesis/practicum or master's thesis, or 12 units of doctoral dissertation but still unable to finish the work, should continue registering one (1) unit per term until he/she is able to submit the copies of approved manuscript, but only up to a maximum of 3 terms (2 semesters, 1 summer) for undergraduate thesis/practicum and 6 terms (4 semesters, 2 summers) for graduate thesis/dissertation.

If at the end of this time limit, the student is still unable to submit copies of the approved manuscript, he/she shall be given a grade of "U" and should re-enroll all the 6 or 12 units. The same policies as in the first enrollment will apply in this case. However, a student who is a candidate for graduation during the semesterand/or only has thesis/practicum /dissertation to enroll, may be allowed to register the whole six (6) units total credit for 200/200a/300 courses and twelve (12) units total credit for a 400 course. (OC Memorandum No. 124, Series of 2008, October 28, 2008)

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