A student may request to substitute a course in his curriculum for another prescribed course but taken in another unit of the University. Every substitution of subjects must be based on at least one of the following:

  1. when a student is pursuing a curriculum that has been superseded by a new one and the substitution tends to bring the old curriculum in line with the new;
  2. conflict of hours between two required subjects; or
  3. when the required subject is not offered during the semester when the student needs it.

In addition, every petition for substitution must :

  1. involve subjects within the same department, if possible; if not, the two subjects concerned must be allied to each other;
  2. be between subjects in which the subject substituted carries a number of units equal to or greater than the units of the required subject;
  3. be recommended by the adviser and by the heads of the institute/ departments concerned.

All petition for substitution must be submitted to the Office of the Dean concerned before 12 percent of the regular class meetings have been held. Any petition submitted thereafter shall be considered for the following semester.

No substitution shall be allowed for any subject prescribed in the curriculum in which the student has failed or received a grade of ‘5’ or an unremoved grade of ‘4’, except when, in the opinion of the department offering the prescribed subject, or of the faculty in units without any department, the proposed substitute covers substantially the same subject matter as the required subject.

All applications for substitution shall be acted upon by the Dean concerned. In case the action of the Dean is adverse to the recommendation of the adviser and the head of the department concerned, the student may appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Instruction whose decision shall be final.

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