(Approved by the CEAT Faculty on January 9, 2012)

A student may, with the consent of his instructor and the Dean, drop a course by filling out the prescribed UP Form before three-fourths (3/4) of the hours prescribed for the semester term have elapsed, and not later.

Any student who drops a course without the approval of the Dean shall have his registration privileges curtailed or entirely withdrawn.

If a course is dropped after the middle of the term, the faculty member concerned shall indicate the date and the class standing of the student at the time of dropping as either Passing or Failing solely for administrative guidance. However, whether the student is passing or not, his grade for the course will be indicated as ‘DRP’ unless the 20% absences rule applies to him (see section on Attendance) and the majority of the absences are not excused.

If it is the intention of the student to drop a course, he should accomplish the dropping slip immediately. If the student stops attending the courses without the official dropping of the course, he takes the risk of getting a grade of ‘5’ on the basis of the 20 % absences rule.

Notwithstanding this University rule, the CEAT faculty adopted the general policy of STRICT DROPPING especially if the student is failing in any of the courses he registered due to unexcused absences. The exceptions to this college rule are: (a) serious illness covering a period of more than two weeks as certified by a duly licensed attending physician which must be authenticated by the Director of the UPLB Health Service; (b) parent’s written declaration of their inability to maintain their child’s continuing studies; and (c) any other reason which may be declared highly meritorious by the College Committees on Student Admission and Readmission and on Faculty, Staff and Student Awards.

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