Any student who, for unavoidable cause, absents himself from class must obtain an excuse slip from the Office of the College Secretary . The approved excuse slip must be presented to the instructor(s) concerned not later than the second class session following the student's return. In addition, a medical certificate must be secured from the UPLB Health Service in case the absence is due to illness. Certification of illness by residence heads, roommates, dorm owners, etc. are inadmissible because they are not doctors.

Illnesses attended elsewhere causing absences from classes shall be reported to the UPLB Health Service within three days after the absences have been incurred. Medical Certificate for the above illnesses as well as for other illnesses of which the Health Service has no records are issued only after satisfactory evidences have been presented to the Health Service.

Excuses are for time missed only. All work covered by the class during the absence shall be made up to the satisfaction of the instructor within a reasonable time from the date of absence.

Time lost by late enrollment shall be considered as time lost by absence.



When the number of hours lost by absence of a student reaches 20 percent of the hours of the scheduled work in one subject, he shall be dropped from the subject. However, a faculty member may prescribe a longer attendance requirement to meet special needs. The table below gives the number of absences allowed before the 20% absence rule applies:

No. of meetings per week (regular semester) Number of excused and unexcused absences allowed
Lecture only Laboratory only
5 16 ---
4 13 ---
3 10 10
2 7 7
1 4 4

NOTE: For combined lecture and laboratory, the number of absences allowed before the 20% absence rule should be determined for each course.

If the majority of the absences are excused, the student shall not be given a grade of ‘5’ upon being dropped. But if the majority of the absences are not excused, he shall be given a grade of ‘5’ upon being dropped.

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