The University maintains various records of students to document their academic progress as well as to record their interaction with University staff and officials. Students’ records are generally considered confidential except the directory of currently registered students which is open to the public. The directory provides information on each student’s name, I.D. number, college, course, classification and college address.



Student records are confidential and information is released only at the request of the student or of appropriate institutions. “Partial” transcripts are not issued. Official transcript of records obtained from other institutions and submitted to the University for admission and/or transfer of credit become part of the student’s permanent record and are issued as true copies with the UP transcript.

Application for transcript of records shall be filed at the Office of the University Registrar upon presentation of the student clearance. A certain fee for transcript preparation will be charged to the concerned party. Graduates are encouraged to request for their transcripts as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delay.



When a student has pending financial obligations to the University, or when he has been charged with an official disciplinary action, the appropriate University official may request that the student's record, e.g., transcripts, registration forms, be withheld. Departments and offices for example, submit before the end of each semester the names of students with financial accountabilities to the students' respective College Secretaries so that the action may be rescinded. The Office of the College Secretary concerned or University Registrar must receive written authorization from the official who originally requested the action, indicating that the student has met the obligation.

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