No student shall be recommended for graduation unless he has satisfied all academic and other requirements prescribed thereto. The student shall consult with the Office of the College Secretary for academic and non-academic requirements.

Candidates for graduation who began their studies under a curriculum which is more than 10 years old shall be governed by the following rules:

  1. Those who had completed all the requirements of the curriculum but did not apply for, nor were granted the corresponding degree or title shall have their graduation approved as of the date they should have originally graduated.
  2. Those who had completed all but two or three subjects required by a curriculum shall be made to follow any of the curricula enforced from the time they first attended the University to the present

During the first three weeks after the opening of classes in each semester, each Dean or his duly authorized representative shall certify to the University Registrar a list of candidates for graduation at the next commencement. The University Registrar, in consultation with the chairmen of divisions or departments concerned, in the case of students majoring in their respective departments or divisions, shall then inquire into the academic record of each candidate with a view of ascertaining whether any candidate in such a list has any deficiency to make up for and whether he has fulfilled all other requirements which qualify him to be a candidate for graduation. However, footnotes to that effect should be given. Ten weeks before the end of a semester, the Registrar shall publish a complete list of duly qualified candidates for graduation for that semester.



The requirements for graduation include the completion of all academic as well as non-academic requirements such as submission of bound copies of the thesis, if thesis is required.

Students who have completed all requirements for graduation on or before the deadline set for this purpose are listed as candidates for graduation as of the end of that semester.

If however, some graduation requirements are completed beyond the deadline, the student must register during the succeeding semester in order to be considered a candidate for graduation as of the end of that semester. The deadline for completion of the requirements for graduation are:

  • For those graduating as of the end of summer, the deadline is the day before the first day of regular registration for the first semester.
  • For those graduating as of the end of the first semester, the deadline is the day before the first day of regular registration for the second semester.
  • For those graduating as of the end of the second semester, the deadline is the day before the college/school faculty meeting to decide the graduation of students.

All candidates for graduation must have their deficiencies made up and their records cleared not later than five weeks before the end of their last semester except those in academic subjects and in Physical Education and Citizen Military Training in which the student is currently enrolled during that semester.

No student shall graduate from the University unless he has completed at least one year of residence work which may, however, be extended to a longer period by the proper faculty. The residence work referred to must be done immediately prior to graduation.

No student who fails to pay the required graduation fee within the specified period set by the University Registrar shall be conferred any title or degree. Such a student may, however, upon his request and payment of the necessary fees, be given a certified copy of his credentials without specifying his completion of the requirements toward any title or degree.



Instead of a separate application for graduation, graduating students should check the appropriate box in their registration Form 5 to indicate whether they are graduating or not at the end of the term. This information shall serve as the basis for identifying candidates for graduation so that their records can be checked early enough.



Students who have completed all the academic requirements for their respective degrees may be recommended for graduation even if they have not processed their clearance. However, the granting of honorable dismissal and the issuance of the transcript checklist and diploma shall be withheld pending submission of clearance by the student.



Students who complete their courses with the following absolute minimum weighted average grade shall graduate with honors:

Summa cum laude 1.20
Magna cum laude 1.45
Cum laude 1.75

All the grades in all subjects prescribed in the curriculum, as well as subjects that qualify as electives, shall be included in the computation of the weighted average grade.

Furthermore, in cases where the electives taken are more than those required in the program, the following procedure will be used in selecting the electives to be included in the computation of the weighted average grade:

  1. For students who did not shift programs, consider the required number of elective in chronological order.
  2. For students who shifted from one program to another, the electives to be considered shall be selected according to the following order of priority:
    1. Electives taken in the program where the student is graduating will be selected in chronological order.
    2. Electives taken in the previous program and acceptable as electives in the second program will be selected in chronological order.
    3. Prescribed course taken in the previous program but qualify as electives in the second program will be selected in chronological order.



Candidates for graduation with honors must have completed in the University at least 75 percent of the total number of academic units or hours for graduation.

In the computation of the final average of candidates for graduation with honors, only resident credits shall be included.

Students who are candidates for graduation with honors must have taken during each semester not less than 15 units of credit or the normal load prescribed in the curriculum. In cases where such normal load is less than 15 units, unless the lighter load was due to justifiable causes such as health reasons, unavailability of courses needed in the curriculum to complete the full load, or the fact that the candidate is a working student, students cannot be considered for graduation with honors.

To justify under loading, the submission of the following documents is required:

  • For health reasons - medical certification to be confirmed by the University Health Service.
  • For unavailability of courses - certification by the major adviser and copy of schedule of classes.
  • For employment - copy of payroll and appointment papers indicating among others duration of employment.

It is the responsibility of the student to establish beyond reasonable doubt the veracity of the cause(s) of his light loading. It is required in this connection that documents submitted to establish the cause(s) of his loading, such as certificate of employment and/or medical certificate, must be sworn to. These documents must be submitted during the semester of under loading.



Attendance in the general commencement exercises shall be optional. Graduating students who choose not to participate in the general commencement exercises must so inform their respective deans or their duly designated representatives at least ten days before the commencement exercises.

Graduating students who absent themselves from the general commencement exercises shall obtain their diplomas, or certificates and transcripts of records from the Office of the University Registrar provided that they comply with the above provision and upon presentation of the receipt of payment of the graduation fee and student's clearance.

Academic costumes. Candidates for graduation with degrees or titles which require no less than four years of collegiate instruction shall be required to wear academic costumes during the baccalaureate service and commencement exercises in accordance with the rules and regulations of the University.

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