No student is allowed to take any removal examination unless a Removal Permit is issued by the College Secretary and presented to the Professor/Instructor concerned. Removal permit must be secured from the Office of the College Secretary 5-7 days before the removal date.

There shall be a regular period for removing grades of ‘4’ and ‘INC.’ before the start of each semester.

Examinations for the removal of grades of ‘INC.’ or ‘4’ may be taken without fee: (1) during the regular examination period, if the subject is included in the schedule of examinations, and (2) during the removal examination period, viz., the period covering ten days preceding the registration in each semester during which period provided that the examination is taken at the time that it is scheduled.

Removal examinations may be taken at other times on the recommendation of the Dean and upon payment of a required fee per subject. Students not in residence shall pay the registration fee on top of the examination fee (where required) in order to be entitled to take the removal examination.

A grade of ‘4’ or ‘INC.’ may no longer be improved after the end of the third regular removal period immediately following the semester/term in which the grade was incurred. EXAMPLE:

Semester/term in which 4 or INC was incurred Deadline for Removal
1st semester 2008-2009 Regular removal period immediately preceding the 2nd semester 2009-2010
2nd semester 2008-2009 Regular removal period immediately preceding the 1st semester 2010-2011

A grade of ‘4’ received after removing a grade of ‘INC.’, however, must be removed within the remaining portion of the prescribed period for the removal of the original grade of ‘INC.’



A student who obtains a grade of ‘4’ in a basic sequence in languages (English, Filipino, Spanish) may enroll in the next higher course, subject to the following conditions:

  1. if he passes the higher course, he automatically removes the ‘4’ in the lower course. His teacher in the lower course submits a removal grade of ‘3‘ for him.
  2. if he fails in the higher course, he may still remove the ‘4’ in the lower course.
  3. if he gets a ‘4’ in the higher course, he should take first a removal examination in that course before taking a removal examination in the lower course. If he fails the removal examination in the higher course, he may take the removal examination in the lower course.


The UPLB University Council in its meeting held on June 27, 2000, approved the revision of the computation of the General Weighted Average (GWA) with a grade of ‘4’. This was subsequently approved by the President and presented by Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Ma. Serena I. Diokno to the 178th meeting of the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) held on March 22, 2001. The new guidelines shall take effect in the First Semester 2001-2002. This will apply initially to the new freshmen of SY 2001-2002. The revised guidelines are summarized below:

  1. To compute GWA with a grade of ‘4’, use actual grade on the premise that ‘4’ is conditional.
  2. Remove ‘4’ only by passing removal exam; no re-enrolment in course is allowed unless student fails removal exam.
  3. If not removed within the prescribed period (one year), grade of ‘4’ automatically becomes ‘5’. Grade will be changed by the Registrar upon prior information to the concerned teacher and adviser or in their absence, the department chair or institute director.
  4. Use actual grade (‘3’, ‘4’ until it is removed, or ‘5’) to compute GWA, counting the subject once. This means that if the student gets a removal grade of ‘5’, this grade is included in the computation of the GWA; the grade the student gets after re-enrolling the course shall also be included in the computation of the GWA.

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