A division or department chairman, with the approval of the Dean, may authorize any faculty member of his unit to suspend formal classes for a period not exceeding three days before the final examinations to enable students to review. In case of colleges with no divisions or departments, the suspension may be done by any member of the faculty but also subject to the approval of the Dean.

Faculty members who have been authorized to suspend their classes shall keep regular hours for consultation work.



The maximum period for each final examination shall be four hours. [Art 370, UP Code]. Students are no longer required to present a final examination permit to their instructors [UPLB University Council, May 20 1980].



The performance of the students shall be rated at the end of each semester in accordance with the following grading system:

1.25 & 1.00 Excellent
1.75 & 1.50 Very Good
2.25 & 2.00 Good
2.75 & 2.50 Satisfactory
3.00 Pass
4.00 Conditional
5.00 Failure
INC Incomplete
DRP Dropped

 For courses not requiring numerical grades:

S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory

 A grade of ‘4’ means “conditional”. It may be removed only by reexamination taken within the prescribed time of one (1) academic year. If the student passes the reexamination, he shall be given a grade of ‘3’, but if he fails, a ‘5’ shall be given. Only one reexamination is allowed which must be taken within the prescribed time. If a student does not remove the grade of ‘4’ within the prescribed time, the grade of ‘4’ becomes ‘5’.

In this case, he may earn credit for the same course only by repeating and passing it. A grade of ‘4’ given for the first semester work of a two-semester course shall be converted to a grade of ‘3’ if the student passes the second semester part of the same course in the same academic year; if he fails, the grade of ‘4’ which he received for the first semester work shall be converted to a grade of ‘5’. (Please see New Policies on the Grade of ‘4’ in the preceding section).

The grade of INC. is given if a student whose class standing throughout the semester is PASSING but fails to take the final examination or fails to complete other requirements for the course, due to illness or other valid reasons. In case the class standing is not passing and the student fails to take the final examination for any reason, a grade of ‘5‘ is given. Removal of the INC. must be done within the prescribed time by passing an examination or meeting all the requirements for the course, after which, the student shall be given a final grade based on his overall performance.



A student who has received a passing grade in a given course is not allowed reexamination for the purpose of improving his grade.

If a student withdraws after three-fourths of the semester has already passed (this coincides with the last day for dropping of courses), the Instructor shall indicate in the grade sheet under Final Grade ‘DRP’ under Remarks ‘LOA’.

However, if a student withdraws after three-fourths of the semester has already elapsed, the instructor may give him a grade of ‘5’ if his class standing up to the time of his withdrawal was below ‘3’. If the instructor does not want to give him a grade of ‘5’, he merely indicates in the grade sheet under Final Grade ‘DRP’ and under Remarks, ‘LOA’. [Art 402].

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