A student must be officially registered in order to receive credit for course work. No student shall be registered in any subject after one week of regular class meetings have been held, unless the Dean, on the basis of his scholastic record, permits his registration; Provided, that if registration is made outside the regular registration period indicated in the University calendar, the student shall be subject to fine for late registration; Provided further, that special students may register at any time without the payment of the fine for late registration subject to other regulations of the University. Students may register for particular subjects within a semester when permissible under the system of instruction adopted by the college. [Art. 337, UP Code]



Within the University System. No student shall be registered in any other college of the University System without the permission of the dean of the college in which he is primary enrolled. A UPLB Form is accomplished for cross-registration purposes. A student who requests permission to cross-register for courses in another college should first complete his registration (including payment of fees) in the college where he is primary enrolled. The total number of units of credit for which a student may register in two or more colleges in this University should not exceed the maximum number allowed in the rules on academic load. [Art. 339, UP Code]

To Another Institution. The University of the Philippines System gives no credit for any course taken by any of its students in any other institution unless taking such course was duly authorized by the Chancellor upon recommendation of the Dean concerned. The written authorization is to be recorded by the University Registrar and should specify the subjects authorized. [Art. 340, UP Code]



For undergraduate students, the academic load is a maximum of 18 non-laboratory units or 21 units including laboratory except in programs where the normal semestral load is more than 18 units. However, a graduating student with very good academic record may be permitted to carry heavier load in his last year.

During the summer session, the normal load is 6 units, but in justifiable cases, the Dean may allow up to 9 units. Application forms for overload are available at the Office of the College Secretary.



A student may add or cancel a course or transfer to another section on or before the last day of late registration. All transfers to other classes shall be made only for valid reasons. Changes in matriculation shall be effected through the prescribed form (UP Form 26) and must be approved by the Dean and submitted to the Registrar. A fee shall be charged for each change of matriculation; except in cases when a class is dissolved or when a change in class schedule is duly authorized by the Registrar. Failure to submit the approved application form to the Registrar or College Secretary within one week after the last day of registration shall be a basis for invalidation the application for change of matriculation.

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