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Civil Engineering is one of the five engineering degree programs offered in the College of Engineering & Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. The 5-year B.S. Civil Engineering curricular program was proposed in 1991 and was first offered in June 1992.

Dr. Danielito T. Franco was appointed as the first program leader. He was followed by Dr. Victor S. Luis, Sr. In 1994 regular members of the staff of the department started to be recruited. These were engineers Purificacion A.Orno, Marloe B. Sundo, Jennifer R.Bacud, and Vicente D. Pastor. In 1995, Dr. Senen M. Miranda was appointed as the first department chair. On the same year, Ms. Sofie Merin was assigned as the department's administrative assistant.

As early as Summer 1995, because of the difficulty in hiring qualified civil engineers to the staff, the department had to rely on lecturers who were working in various government and non-government agencies located in Los Baños to augment its teaching staff. These lecturers consisted of Dr. Joaquin O. Siopongco (retired Deputy Director of FPRDI), Dr. Florence P. Soriano (FPRDI), Engr. Gil N. Cuenca (Laguna Water District), Dr. Victor S. Luis, Sr. (Dept. of Agricultural Engineering), and Dr. Ruben D.Tanqueco (currently Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development, UPLB) and Engr. Gregorio S. Pascual (Campus Planning and Development Office, UPLB).

In 1997, the department started to hire the best and the brightest among its graduating class. Engr. Marish S. Madlangbayan, the head of his class was the first graduate to be hired.  Engr. Hector Palma, an ex-San Miguel Corporation engineer together with Ms. Jovita M. Saquing, a UPLB magna cum laude and M. S. holder from the University of South Wales and Engr. Glenn M. Pintor, an ex-DCCD and Ayala engineer, were all recruited on the same year. In 1998, Engr. Ferdinand F. Bengusta, the first UPLB CE board exam topnotcher, became the second graduate of the department to be hired. Dr. William T.Tanzo, an earthquake engineering product of Saitama University, joined the staff in 1999 under the Balik-Scientist Program. The hiring of the best graduates of the department was continued the same year. Engr. Carlo F. Moya, a cum laude graduate, was hired in 1999, followed by Engr. Mylene M. Palaypayon, another cum laude graduate, and Engr. Ramil G. Mijares, a magna cum laude graduate, in 2001; Engr. Allan Karlo S. Abrogena  and Engr. Michael Ryan R. Barile, in 2002; Engr. Angeli D. Cabaltica, in 2003, and Engr. Richelle M. Gallardo-Zafra. an M.S. holder, in 2004. Engr. Carlo Arturo SJ Mondonedo, a cum laude and M.S. holder from UP Diliman joined in 2004. The following year, Engr. Eva May V. Matammu, another UPLB graduate but coming from an engineering consultancy firm, was hired. Another graduate, Engr. Allan C. Manalo, employed at FPRDI, was tapped as lecturer in 2005. Engr. Perlie A. Panopio and Engr. Ginghis B. Maranan, both cum laude graduates, were recruited in the early of 2006 while Engr. Charrytee P. Pascua and Engr. Erwin M. Yago were hired in December 2006.

After Dr. Senen M. Miranda retired in 2002, Asst. Prof. Jennifer R. Bacud was appointed as chair of the department, followed by Asst. Prof. Marloe B. Sundo and Dr. William T. Tanzo in 2004, then by Asst. Prof. Marish S. Madlangbayan and Asst. Prof. Ferdinand F. Bengusta in 2005. In 2006, Asst. Prof. Marloe B. Sundo, was reappointed as chair. In 2010, Dr. Marish S. Madlangbayan was appointed as the department chair. 

The Civil Engineering Department at UPLB was recognized by the Civil Engineering Board of Examiners of the Philippine Regulation Commission for consistently garnering 100% passing rate in the CE Board Examination each year since its first batch in 1997.


The Department of Civil Engineering offers B.S. Civil Engineering with the following course requirements:

A.  Revitalized General Education courses

Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Philosophy, Math, Science and Technology

B.  Foundation courses

Algebra and Trigonometry, Elementary Statistics, Mathematical Analysis, Fundamentals of Chemistry, Fundamentals of Physics

C. Engineering Science courses

Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Graphics, Engineering Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Materials of Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Engineering, Computer Applications in Engineering

D. Civil Engineering courses

Structural Analysis, Reinforced Concrete Design, Pre-stressed Concrete Design, Timber Design, Steel Design, Surveying, Soil Engineering, Foundation Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Construction Materials and Testing, Construction Project Planning and Management, Civil Engineering Laws, Contracts and Ethics

E. Related courses 

Field Hydrology, Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Agro-Industrial Waste Management, Cognate Course, Seminar

F. Thesis / Practicum

All students are required to take 6 units of thesis (at 2 units per semester) or practicum (at 3 units per semester)


Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering & Agro-Industrial Technology, University of the Philippines Los Baños 4031

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